You are a fun-loving, out-going individual, however people just recognize these qualities in your personality when they have a chat with you since your stringy, long, limp and severely colored hair recommends that you are anything but. Or perhaps you are an extremely intelligent individual with revolutionary concepts and natural entrepreneurial abilities, but your shaggy, unkempt mane states otherwise, even if you are dressed in the finest Armani match.

Now you might be believing, ‘good heavens, it is just hair!’ but hair says a lot more about you than you think. Research study has demonstrated that we begin to form an impression of a person’s personality and character within seconds of meeting them. Now while there are numerous other aspects that add to how people see you, for instance, makeup and clothing hairstyle has actually been shown to be among the most popular aspects on the impressions individuals make from us.

So exactly what does your hairstyle or basic hair design state about you? Well for something it’s the beginning point of conveying the image you want on your own. And while many people, ladies and men alike, usually attempt to go for styles that they think will ‘look good on them’ or hair styles that will convey a specific image they want, in some cases the hair styles and designs you choose can miss the mark completely and can end up communicating the image you didn’t desire. The worse part is that lots of people do not even realize it!

Well thank goodness for researchers at Yale University who did a little study on ‘Personality understandings correlating with hairstyles and designs.’ Here’s what they found out, and exactly what you must know your hairdo states about you.

According to the study experimenters discovered that women with attractive hairdos were viewed as less smart, while females with brief hair were considered as more positive and outgoing. These stereotypes were influenced by other elements including hair length and hair color. Ladies with long blonde hair such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Winslet were considered as more upscale and sexier while ladies with medium-length darker hair such as Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Garner were perceived as smarter and more enjoyable caring.

Once again, females are not the only ones strained with these appearance-related stereotypes. Guy with brief hair that is longer in the front were described as sexier and more confident, but were also seen as more narcissistic. Those with medium-length hair parted on the side were described as being more intelligent and proficient, yet were thought about more narrow-minded. Male with very long hair were deemed less intelligent but more good-natured.

So exactly what’s the point of all this? Well these descriptions of character and character reveal how influential a hairdo can be on producing an impression, however the bottom line about having a hair style that fits your personality is precisely that! It is your personality, not some popular Hollywood actor/actress and certainly not a character from a film, so go for a style that shows you which you are comfortable enough with since you will be out in the real world where you see individuals and when individuals see you, unlike the one way watching of television where the stars can’t look at you.